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Looking for an ideal hotel during your stay in Vietnam? Look no further, visit Situated on Pristine beach, Hoiana guarantees not only a beach vacation but also a beautiful sea-view. Get yourself a comfortable room after a hectic day of exploring the Asian culture.


Hoiana has a user friendly website that facilitates your booking. Moreover, the website displays all you need to know about the hotel. It gives you a feel of the hotel even before your actual visit. I bet that you will picture yourself already using the hotel’s services and facilities, just by having a look at the website.


Just like any other hotel, Hoiana will serve you with your meals. But, it is nothing close to the meals you will eat any other day. Food is prepared to match up to world class standards and at the same time give you a taste of the diverse Asian culture.

At Hoiana, sophistication is at its best. Right from the lounge to your room. Stylish accommodation is guaranteed immediately you arrive at the Hotel. The mode of reception makes you feel at home.


You will get a chance to play golf at the best golf course in Vietnam. The design and view of the Hoiana Shores Golf Club is one of its kind. The Robert Trent Jones II design has been lauded for its unique seaside location. You may meet one or two world renowned best golfers.

There are over 1,000 rooms for you to choose from. Among them are exquisite suites and villas just to give the value for your money.

Management and Location

Hoiana is managed by Rosewood Hotel Group, one of the world’s leading hotel multinational companies. The group boasts of having 40 hotels in 19 countries.

Hoiana is located in a culturally rich region. Its close proximity to most UNESCO cultural sites is the more reason you would need to consider your stay here.

Hoiana is the place to be – it is just a click away for the best possible experience for the period you will be in Vietnam. Contact us and immediately start experiencing our world-class services.

Top 5 Must Do Activities While Vacationing in Miami FL.

Planning for a holiday this year? You should consider Miami FL. This is one of the best tourist destinations in the United States, well known for its sunny beaches. There is always something for everyone. 

One can learn more about Miami by considering the numerous places to visit while on vacation. However, it is easy get lost for choice since there is so much and it can be tedious and time consuming. Depending on how you want to take in the beauty and feel the sizzle of the city, below are some of the best activities you can consider while around Miami.

  1. The beach

This may sound like an obvious place to go to, but in Miami it’s a must go. Miami and South beaches are the most popular among revelers. The summer season comes with tourists soaking up the warm sun and getting some tint. There are many other less popular but still great beaches including the Sunny Isles beach, Fort Lauderdale beach, 85th Street beach and many more.

  1. The Art Deco 

Characterized by detailed work of geometry and bold colors, the Art Deco is an architecture to behold. It has a glamorous style of symmetrical and buoyant designs and shapes. 

  1. The Miami Metro zoo

Do you have a thing for animals? Then this is your next destination in Miami. Located on the 152nd Street and the 124th Avenue, Miami Metro Zoo will give you an opportunity to learn fascinating facts and habits about some animals who originate from Asia, Africa, and Australia. Absorb the spectacular view of the “painting elephant” and feed the giraffes.

  1. Everglades National Park

Your tour will not be complete if you don’t visit the Everglades Park. It is a staggering one and half million acres of nature that spoils you for choice over what you will do first. From eco tours to cypress domes and boat rides to air boats and tram tours, this park is packed with activities. Sports lovers will be treated to hiking, boating, sailing, biking to mention but a few.

  1. The American Police Hall of Fame

This is a popular attraction among tourists. It houses a spectacular marble memorial that honors the US service men who lost their lives in the line of duty.  Another exhibit which may appear more strange is the electric chair that’s inside the hall of fame.

While vacationing in Miami FL you will discover a whole new world of possibilities. Weather in the city or in the natural surroundings, you will be pleased you visited.