What makes Intermiles the best place to book premium and luxury hotels in India

Are you looking for the best hotels to check-in for your upcoming weekend trips? Then make it special by booking your hotels with Intermiles. Wondering why? Well, Intermiles provides you with the best quote for booking premium and luxury hotels. Additionally, they offer you extra discounts and miles earning options to get the best deal on your hotel booking. Travellers can book the best hotels at a competitive price through this website, even if they cannot afford a luxury hotel in real life. Also, consider going through some of the major benefits before proceeding with premium hotel booking with Intermiles mentioned below and get your vacations planned accordingly.


Largest options of Hotels across India

If you are planning for a weekend trip and are looking for premium hotels in India then there is no better option than Intermiles. Wondering why? Because Intermiles has the largest inventory of hotel rooms and packages. They provide the facility of comfortable homestays at all the leading tourist spots across the country. That’s not all, as booking hotels through Intermiles will give you the benefit of finding vacancies in those places that are otherwise full during the festive season. Moreover, they provide options for numerous hotels to you so that you can book the best hotel for a comfortable stay.


Instant Room Booking

There are instances when you need to make an instant hotel booking not just for your holidays but also for your work-related trips. In those cases, you can make an instant hotel booking with Intermiles. They offer a variety of premium and luxury hotels which are available on their websites. And the best part about it is that you can opt to stay at these premium hotels at a competitive price. There is also no denying the fact that how hard it is to find the best hotels after visiting the destination. Therefore, Intermiles provides you with the option of instant room booking so that you don’t have to face much hassle. Also, don’t forget to avail of the Intermiles discounts and add-on facilities for getting extra benefits on your booking.


Best Accommodation at a Smart Price

In India, Intermiles is always the preferred option of the people because of its amazing offerings and deals. If you are someone who is looking to have a promising experience of staying at a luxury or premium hotel in India then Intermiles is the name you can trust. They not only provide the best accommodation to you but also offer it at a smart price. This is what makes this a preferable option to those that are looking for budget hotels. To book a hotel at a competitive price you can either avail of their discount coupons or can even combine it with other offers provided by them.


Intermiles Offers and Deals 

When it comes to getting the best offers and deals on hotel booking there is no better option than Intermiles. They keep their website updated with new offers and discounts so that you can easily find the best deals of the day. This means you don’t have to wait for an offseason to get the best deals on premium hotel booking. Instead, you can check the best price of the hotels whenever it suits you best. To get daily updates on their new offers on premium and luxury hotels you can even download their app and sign in with your Google account.


Pay When You Checkout

Unlike other travelling websites where you need to pay during your hotel booking, Intermiles offers you the luxury of paying after you enjoy staying at your preferred hotel. This means you can book your stay at a premium or luxury hotel at a zero upfront cost and pay the bill during your checkout. You can opt for this option if you are uncertain about the quality services of your preferred hotel or if you need to book some places in an instant. And what’s more, you will be eligible for the same levels of discounts and offers available with regular booking facilities.