Hong Kong Hidden Gems You Should See

Hong Kong is illuminated by neon signs, luxury shopping malls and elegant apartment blocks; but what lies beneath this outer layer?

Hong Kong’s bustling streets and crowded beaches conceal some quiet corners that are blissfully undiscovered. Explore them and you’ll experience a totally different side to the city! Hong Kong transit is simple after your Cathay Pacific flight

Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Instagrammers will love taking their next sunset shot at Hong Kong’s Sai Wan Swimming Shed. This secluded spot on Victoria Road in Kennedy Town is home to Hong Kong’s only swimming shed and, if you time it right, you can witness one of the city’s most stunning sunsets.

This dilapidated green hut is home to an eccentric group of old-school adventurers who take their weekly dip here, a steep jungle walk down from Victoria Road MTR station in Kennedy Town. It also serves as a popular “secret location” for locals to get their #goldenhour photos snapped.

Witness the sunset behind Sai Wan pier, an iconic public space that serves as a must-visit for anyone visiting Hong Kong. From here, photographers can capture the city’s skyline as it gradually fades to blue and white.

Take a photo of this iconic wooden pier using a quality tripod. Additionally, you have plenty of creative angles as the pier is quite narrow.

For decades, an outdoor community of adventurous elderly swimmers has gathered at this shack. Lau Sam-lan, 74 years old and still swimming daily there today, says it makes him healthier and more relaxed.

If you don’t feel like walking or would rather skip the hike up to the peak, a minibus from Kennedy Town MTR station will take you here in just over half an hour. All that has to be done is tell the driver’sai waan wing paang’ and they will be more than happy to assist!

After swimming, head to the nearby pier and take in views of Hong Kong’s bustling harbour. It’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists alike, plus you can even catch the ferry to Macau from there for even more breathtaking sights.

It’s worth noting that the water here isn’t exactly clear, so be prepared for whatever conditions might occur. If you’re not confident swimming, don’t go there!

Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O is the ideal escape for those seeking a tranquil respite from Hong Kong’s hectic pace. Situated on Lantau Island, this village allows visitors to witness traditional Chinese life up close and personal.

The town of Tai O offers stunning colonial architecture, intriguing stilt houses and mouthwatering street food – making it an ideal destination to spend a day in Hong Kong. There are also plenty of activities that can be enjoyed here such as sea kayaking or the chance to spot rare pink dolphins.

Experience the life in an ancient fishing village by boat. Tours last 20 minutes and take you through its waterways, giving you a closer look at its iconic stilt houses. Plus, take in all of the area’s natural splendor as well as General’s Rock and Tai O Heritage Hotel from above!

If you’re searching for an authentic fishing village experience, Tai O is a must-visit. This town has been around for centuries and its residents are proud of their traditions and lifestyle.

Tai O offers many ways to experience its charms, but one of the best is taking a leisurely walk through its streets and taking in all of its sights. The locals are friendly and eager to share their stories with you.

The village is also an excellent destination to sample different kinds of seafood. There are a number of restaurants serving up local favourites like fish balls – boiled and then soaked in chili soup for extra heat.

Another captivating activity to experience is the annual Tai O Dragon Boat Festival. This centuries-old custom involves fishermen’s associations taking statues of Yeung Hou, Tin Hau, Kwan Tai and Hung Shing from temples around town and placing them atop sacred sampans.

Fishing remains a major source of income for this village. Despite the decline in fishing activity, they are proud of their traditions and eager to welcome tourists.

Sheung Luk Stream

Sheung Luk Stream is a breathtaking spot popular with locals. Boasting rugged cliffs, waterfalls and crystal clear pools, it’s the ideal place to cool off on hot summer days.

Sheung Luk stream is conveniently situated near Xi Gong Sai Kung and can be easily accessed by public transportation. Moovit helps you discover the most convenient route to Sheung Luk stream with detailed directions from any nearest public transit station.

You can use Moovit to plan your trip, find bus times and view routes and timetables for Sheung Luk stream. We make riding to Sheung Luk stream effortless so that you can focus on having a wonderful experience during your time in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong boasts many stunning waterfalls that are worth visiting, but some are harder than others to reach. Fortunately, Wong Lung Hang stream is one of the easier ones with plenty of scenic gorges and falls to explore.

We had so much fun exploring this waterfall through jungle and streams! Although it requires some legwork and climbing skills, the rewards were well worth all the effort!

As you approach the waterfall, you can hear the rush of water cascading into a deep circular pool that looks like a bucket. Here, you have your choice to swim or climb up the cliff for views so impressive they are considered engineering feats in themselves!

Once at the top of the falls, take in breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and cliffs. For an even more thrilling adventure, you can try cliff jumping or rock climbing on the northern rock face for a truly thrilling experience.

If you’re in search of a tranquil day at the pool or an exhilarating thrill, Sheung Luk stream is the ideal escape from urban life. There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Sai Kung such as Sai Wan and Ham Tin, plus hiking trails leading up to Sheung Luk stream are great if you need some exercise.

Un Chau Estate Flower Tunnel

If you’re a flower enthusiast, Un Chau Estate Flower Tunnel in Kowloon is an experience not to be missed. This magical garden tunnel appears only during springtime and provides visitors with a truly fairytale-like atmosphere.

Kowloon’s public housing complex houses this stunning garden of Bougainvillea spectabilis, featuring vibrant pink shades in various tones. Take your Instagram feed to another level with this picturesque shot!

It’s a 30-metre-long corridor of these stunning flowers, which are best visited during their peak bloom in early springtime. By day, they’re covered with vibrant pink and white petals; at night, opalescent landscape lights illuminate even their tiniest, most delicate blossoms.

If you’re seeking an escape from the city’s noise and pollution, the flower tunnel is an ideal destination. Not only does it provide relaxation, but it also reduces noise pollution.

Pak Lap Village Hong Kong is another ideal spot to explore if you’re searching for something off the beaten path. Situated between Quarry Bay Promenade and Tai Koo Shing Housing Estate, this urban park offers visitors the perfect blend of nature and city living.

This park offers an incredible range of floral delights, making it a must-stop for flower enthusiasts. Whether you’re searching for classic cherry blossoms or tulips, there’s something here for everyone.

Floristically speaking, Hong Kong is home to some incredible red cotton trees. You’ll spot them throughout the city but Shek Kong Barracks is particularly popular for taking photos of these vibrant blooms.

If you’re searching for an off-the-beaten-path destination, New Territories is an ideal option. Expect some crowds here but the freshness of spring will surely make for some eye-catching photos.

For an unforgettable day trip from Hong Kong, be sure to visit Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island. This enormous statue offers breathtaking views of the sea and a great opportunity for hiking up Lion Rock.