From Check-In to Check-Out: Mastering the Art of Hotel Etiquette

How to Make a Good First Impression: Tips for Greeting Hotel Staff

1. Greet hotel staff with a friendly smile and a polite hello.

2. Make eye contact and introduce yourself.

3. Speak clearly and confidently.

4. Ask questions and show interest in the hotel staff’s work.

5. Be courteous and respectful.

6. Offer to help if you can.

7. Thank the staff for their assistance.

8. Follow up with a thank you note or email.

Making a good first impression with hotel staff is essential for a pleasant stay. By following these tips, you can ensure that your interactions with hotel staff are positive and professional.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Room Etiquette: What to Keep in Mind During Your Stay


• Respect the privacy of other guests.
• Keep noise to a minimum, especially at night.
• Be mindful of the hotel staff and their time.
• Follow the hotel’s rules and regulations.
• Keep the room clean and tidy.
• Use the hotel amenities responsibly.
• Be mindful of the hotel’s energy and water conservation policies.
• Be courteous to other guests and hotel staff.
• Report any damages or issues to the hotel staff immediately.

• Smoke in the room or any other area of the hotel.
• Bring in any unauthorized guests.
• Leave any food or drinks in the room.
• Take any items from the room that do not belong to you.
• Use any of the hotel’s amenities without permission.
• Leave any personal items behind when you check out.
• Leave the room in a mess.
• Disrupt other guests or hotel staff.