Aran Fawddwy, the actual Welsh Holy Hill

Aran Fawddwy 2969ft (905m) 125-863224 SH

Aran Benllyn 2940ft (885m) 125-867243 SH

Optionally available Erw b Ddafad-ddu 2861ft (872m) 125-865234 SH

Optionally available Waun Camddwr 2037ft (621m) 125-848206 SH

Car parking

There’s room for many vehicles at the conclusion from the street. Recreation area through the Interface the toilet as well as discover panel. Make sure you don’t prevent the actual entry paths.


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The actual Aran variety operates through Bala towards the town associated with Dinas Mawddwy. Via this particular town the primary vacation visitors across the A470 moves upon it’s persistent trip towards the Cambrian coastline. Throughout the majority of the summer time financial institution vacations loved in the united kingdom, you will notice a stable flow associated with visitors snaking it’s method upward as well as within the move associated with Dinas Mawddwy unacquainted with the actual fantastic mountain tops possibly aspect from the move. Within Dinas Mawddwy in the entry in order to Merion Generator you will discover mostly of the types of the load up equine link nevertheless position alongside the current link transporting the actual A470 over the Afon Dyfi (River Dovy) The actual theory smt from the Arans is actually Aran Fawddwy, position from 2969ft (905m) it’s just 31ft lacking munro standing associated with 3000ft as well as nearly 40ft greater after that it’s high neighbor Cadair Idris. However this particular hill gets merely a small fraction from the site visitors which Cadair Idris gets, in spite of becoming the larger from the 2. Among the difficulties associated with Aran is actually which associated with entry. Essentially you will find 3 primary entry paths, 1 in the finish associated with Bala river in the town associated with Llanuwchllyn, an additional from the A494 and also the 3rd in the small concealed area associated with Cwm Cywarch. It’s the second option path associated with Cwm Cywarch this path starts.


Consider the actual switching in your quickly the actual A470 to the town associated with Dinas Mawddwy. At the conclusion from the primary road you’ll arrived at the junction, change correct across the street indication submitted with regard to River Vyrnwy and also the Bwlch b Groes move, the greatest within Wales. After that consider your next switching about the remaining signposted with regard to Cywarch. Be cautious this particular switching is actually very easily skipped; it’s no more than 1 kilometer away from town associated with Dinas Mawddwy. Adhere to the actual street before you achieve the extend associated with open up property, at the conclusion of the open up region you are able to recreation area your vehicle near the port-a-loo through the discover panel.

This is actually the starting place from the stroll.

Out of your vehicle stroll after dark small footbridge which has the actual indication with regard to Aran Fawddwy directed throughout this. (You may come back throughout this particular at the conclusion from the walk) Stroll upon as much as the actual plantation as well as adhere to the road guns that consider a person after dark plantation about the correct. The actual monitor is actually designated very obviously as well as there are numerous associated with wood step ladder designs in order to mix before you decide to mix the final 1 onto open up floor. Before a person is actually the majority of Glasgwm. The actual monitor comes after the little flow tumbling lower the actual cwm about the correct.

Carry on up to you’re able to the actual the surface of the cwm, the actual monitor may mix the actual flow a minimum of once or twice as well as could be a small difficult to follow along with since it ends within locations. Upon achieving the actual the surface of the cwm carry on western while using fencing in your remaining like a hands train before you arrived at the fencing which passes across the journey. Right here you will notice articles directed northern indication submitted with regard to Aran Fawddwy.

The region here’s fairly toned as well as boggy along with little tarns filled close to. At this time change correct as well as adhere to the actual monitor operating across the correct hands aspect from the fencing. From numerous times there has been cedar planks associated with wooden set right down to reduce the actual dirt erosion brought on by ramblers, you will find very helpful with regard to maintaining you dried out. Carry on across the monitor for around the kilometer as well as in your correct the little higher stage having a little cairn upon is actually Waun Camddwr. In the event that maximum bagging is the point jump throughout as well as declare this because an additional maximum in your checklist. As soon as carried out go back to the actual monitor as well as carry on northern with regard to an additional kilometer.

You’ll right now discover a substantial steepness from the gradient while you begin hiking for the higher stage from the form. The actual fencing will go western from the smt therefore you will have to mind eastern as soon as you are reverse the actual trig stage associated with Aran Fawddwy. The idea towards the strategy is really a wood design step ladder you need to mix before the method of the actual smt. The actual trig stage made from rock and roll appears on the large cairn. Upon it’s far eastern aspect would be the coves which operate across the far eastern flank with regard to high of the actual form right down to Bala.

Beneath may be the little azure river associated with Creiglyn Dyfi, the origin from the water Dovey. These types of coves tend to be harmful since the rock and roll could be unpredictable. They’ve additionally stated the actual life associated with globe battle 2 pilots who’ve condemned their own plane to the rock and roll within reduced impair. The actual remains may be discovered at the end from the coves. For those who have the power and can energy you are able to carry on across the form in order to declare 2 much more highs, Aran Benllyn as well as Erw b Ddafad.

This can nevertheless give a additional 2 or 3 kilometers on your stroll. As soon as carried out you’ll have to retrace your own actions to the actual smt associated with Aran Fawddwy. Right here on the obvious day time you are able to adhere to the actual covers from the coves southern or even on the day time associated with bad presence return to the actual wood design step ladder a person entered in your strategy. Right here change remaining as well as adhere to the actual fencing right down to Drws Bach.

Right here the thin form facilitates the cairn focused on a good RAF Street Athan hill save group fellow member; Paul Aspin that passed away within 06 1960 older simply eighteen, following becoming hit through super. A little steel container along with a mat as well as document tend to be remaining through the funeral in order to depart an email as well as decrease several cash into aid the actual financing associated with hill save groups. After you have entered this particular little thin form adhere to the actual monitor down before you achieve the actual the surface of the Hengwm area, right here change correct as well as adhere to the road across the aspect from the area right down to it’s bottom. Right before the road proceeds remaining round the bottom from the slope, change all the way down the monitor together the hedge associated with Hawthorne trees and shrubs. This can consider a person to the actual footbridge a person previous previously. Be cautious about the monitor because extends from it tend to be upon put on rock and roll that may be slick within the moist.

When you go back to the actual link change remaining for that brief stroll to exactly where a person left your vehicle.

For those who have period following your own stroll consider the actual move street more than Bwlch b Groes move. Towards the top of the actual move you are able to possibly proceed directly forward in order to Bala and revel in the actual magnificent sights from the Aran form, or even change correct as well as have a generate round the stunning 5 kilometer lengthy tank, River Vyrnwy.

Possess a good day time…